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We add exclusive hotel for cat.

☆Suite…We can use 4-story room.
3,800 yen

※When two of them are same, it is 4,200 yen.

☆Standard…We can use 2-story room.
2,800 yen

※It is equipped with air-conditioning for 24 hours
※There is house call of veterinarian in emergency


The first floor is restroom.

Wide 45x 60cm in height

We use system restroom.


The second floor is eating place.

We give water with tray with rice.


The third floor is place to play.

We can put toys.

We put favorite thing which I took here.


The fourth floor is place to sleep.

We prepare cat Bet.

(you may have from home. Habitual use mat)


※In the room of 2-story standard, restroom, the second floor become bed & meal the first floor.


Application for hotel

*Your name (full name)
*The name of cat
*E-Mail address
*It is e-mail address (reinput)
↑For e-mail address wrong prevention, please do not copy and paste.
*Planned check-inYearMONSUN  Time
*Planned check-outYearMONSUN  Time
*Room you like
*Contact information phone number before check-in
*Contact information phone number that is staying
*Certification cord When we write "cat" in English? (by half size small letter three characters)
※For spam measures, I would like cooperation for a certification input by code.

*This is input required item.

We heard reservation from one month ago for summer vacation and the year-end and New Year holidays.
Please consult over telephone in other schedule.

We would like hotel check-in, check-out between from 11:00 to 20:00.
We talk about around 11:00 or around 19:00 on regular holiday on Thursday.

Request about accommodation of hotel
・Being vaccine, revolution finished
・Do not be during disease medical treatment
Nail is done by all means
・It is deposit system
・Take only rice of several minutes in night
・You can enter Carrey by all means, and please come to the store.

※ Extra period: 500 yen takes an extra charge.
The year-end and New Year holidays2018 12/30 - 2019 1/3
GW4/28 - 5/6
Tray8/10 - 13
In addition, please refer than inquiry form if you have any questions.

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