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Cookies boy
Cookie Male

sukotisshuhorudo born in February 22, 2008

Origin of the name: It seemed that design of head became diamond to appetizing cookies.

Characteristic: It is former boss. We are liked only by poron. Head and brown argyle design of tail are very cute!

Pocky boy
Pocky Male

sukotisshuhorudo born in March 8, 2008

Origin of the name: As face was sweet, we had Pocky for cake.

Characteristic: Mascot of the shop first. Eyes eyes are always sold; it is said that sell, and is unbearable when is stared. We fight against incurable disease called enlargement type cardiomyopathy.

Child of Mimi woman
Mimi Female

American Shorthair born in April 8, 2008

Origin of the name: As Mii Mii cried in spoilt children since baby.

Characteristic: It is popularity vote No. 2. We come on knee immediately. (*^_^*) is pose of Mimi good at opening.

Child of poron woman
Poron Female

Mixture (mackerel) born in April 16, 2008

Origin of the name: We had poron concerning younger sister of atom.

※Real younger sister was uranium. It is my misunderstanding.

Characteristic: It is play character of the shop first. Anyway, it is hunter! Game which we aimed at is bibooby in being type not to miss.

Child of PIXIE woman
Pixy Female

Rag Dole born in May 20, 2008

Origin of the name: As it was pretty, we attached like fairy.

Characteristic: As we are always often alone, it is called daughter brought up with tender care, princess, lady from customer. But this cat is impishness unexpectedly. As you turn buttocks, please do tap-tap!

Child of Surrey woman
Saree Female

Mixture (SABIT) born in August 9, 2008

Origin of the name: Is it face like magician? We attached for impression of acrid-smelling nose somehow. (^^ ゞ

Characteristic: It is spoilt child. It calls by thick voice well. It is glutton, but is child of calm character. We like entering skirt. Customer of skirt is careful.

Child of chappi woman
Chappy Female

Mixture (tea tiger) born in August 9, 2008

Origin of the name: We are sister of Sally. We have a feeling that there was magician chappi.

Characteristic: As eyes eyes are drooping eyes slightly, deplorable face sometimes shows. My boom of chappi is to look at insect which outside electric bulb attracts. Even if everybody plays cafe, it is earnest on insect check. (*_*)

Noah boy
Noa Male

Mixture (black and white long hair) born in about May, 2008

Origin of the name: As he/she let you hold in your arm when you met for the first time, do you become savior of shop? We thought of this and attached.

Characteristic: Noah is really good child. We love hug. And it becomes preparations that are and stomach opens and says round and round. It is wonderful tail which blood of Norwegian Jean is mixed in.

It is switched on in mice. (^^ ゞ

Child of Putsch woman
Puchi Female

Mixture (the color of a tortoise shell) born in about August, 2008

Origin of the name: We parodied from Putsch n pudding. Hue of the color of a tortoise shell is like caramel sauce and looks delicious.

Characteristic: It was Nora whom we settled down in beside Sanrio Puroland. Volunteer captured. As we do not contact human being for the socialization period of cat, we are very coward. We progressed to place where he/she let you pat.

Jack boy
Jack Male

Mixture (black and white) born in April 19, 2009

Origin of the name: We took from Jack spa low of "Pirates of Cali bien" of my favorite movie. (BOSS cadet of the ^^ ゞ future. It is refreshment of late atom and is up-and-coming cat!

Characteristic: It is the existing boss. It is popular person from girls. It is friendly and is child with chivalrous spirit. Short socks of begging hands are cute! Tail is key to good luck tail! (^ - ^)

Child of TIFFANY woman
Tifany Female

Rag Dole born in April 24, 2011

Origin of the name: It is champion of TICA. We just had childhood name which breeder attached. Nickname is tifa.

Characteristic: It is frightful glutton. onemunotokihatottemobuchaiku. But it is kind girl who looked very beautiful. We love to play even if we see in this way.

Child of Elizabeth woman
Erizabeth Female

Rag Dole born in April 30, 2011

Origin of the name: We were born as well as TIFFANY in Hokkaido and just had the name that breeder acquired. It is nickname habe suti.

Characteristic: It is slightly cross-eyed coquettish face. The cute face street is friendly. We are eccentric slurp-slurp when we take out forefinger.

Child of konatsu woman
Konatsu Feamale

Rag Dole born in June 22, 2014

Origin of the name: It is the name that breeder of Hokkaido makes even with brothers of Japanese name and acquired.

Characteristic: It is slightly naughty girl, but it is friendly and loves play. We take out stomach, and air Fumi Fumi is good, too♪

Child of neon woman
Neon Feamale

Rag Dole born in June 26, 2016

Origin of the name: Storekeeper is neo-karamoraimashita of movie matrix in being fan of Keanu Reeves.

Characteristic: It is spoilt child of only child like child forever.
It is wonder that is closer to Elizabeth than TIFFANY of mom.

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