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It is for smart faun / tablet (iPhone / iPad / Android) (iPhone/iPad/Android screen resolution chart)

chappi 638x960
Gone 686x960
Little 1028x1440
Mimi 744x1392


PC use

Pocky 1600x1200
Babies' 1440x960
Kitten 1600x1200
Mimi 1600x1200
poron 1600x1200


Reference materials

Setting change of wall paper Resolution of screen
Windows How to check display resolution
MacOS About "display" of system environment setting panel
iPhone/iPad Wall paper size after iOS7
 iPhone5/5c/5s: 744x1392px iPhone4/4s: 740x1196px
 iPad (length): 768x1024px iPad (vertical :Retina): 1536x2048px
Android List of smartphone tablet screen resolution
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